The people behind VILLAGE FORWARD

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Hari Govinda Prajapati

Hari Govinda Prajapati is the manager of Village Forward in Kathmandhu, Nepal, and also president of Madhaphur Clay Crafts, a business producing a range of ceramic products.

Hari has introduced the Aquasif household water treatment system since 2003 to many schools, homes, and businesses in Nepal. The Aquasif system is now used across Nepal by over 170,000 people thanks to the expansion of the microbusinesses.

Hari continures to conduct training programs for new microbusiness managers, working in concert with NGOs and other local businesses. Currently, plans are underway to expand this program into India through Sehgal Foundation.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

David Elliott

David Elliott founded Village Forward in 2003, originally as Solutions Benefiting Life, a non-profit venture to develop a household water treatment system based on a microbusiness model. David is currently developing a low-cost, portable water treatment device for use in developing countries, through a new company, Silver Aqua Inc. He is also president of UVTech Systems, a company founded in 1994 to develop laser systems for advanced research in integrated circuit manufacturing. He has written several books on integrated circuit technology and holds numerous patents this field. David holds a BS degree from Northeastern University and an MBA degree from Boston College.

Core Team &
Board of Directors

1. Hari Prajapati Govinda
2. Brett Juliano
3. David Elliott
4. Patricia Gray
5. Varuna Tuli, MD*
6. Phil Juliano*
7. Martin Gavin*
8. Nitin Parekh
9. Jeff Trogolo*
10. Stuart Hamilton*
11. Kamal Bawa
12. Chris Walter**
13. Robert O’Connor
14. Hem Pohkarel

* Board Member
* Ex Board Member