Since Village Forward was founded (originally as Solutions Benefiting Life) we have been fortunate to have the support of, and working partnerships with, several major organizations. Village Forward is forever grateful to these sponsors and partners, without whom our work could not be done. Thank You!

Rotary International funded the first few microbusiness sites in Nepal, and working with local Rotarians, we were able to reach a rapidly increasing number of people and institutions such as schools and clinics. Dr. Tuladhar, a Rotary Club president, assisted in distribution and education, and helped us with health studies that resulted in our first hard medical proof of the benefits of safe drinking water from Aquasif.


UNICEF has been an important partner, ordering and distributing many Aquasif systems, and playing a major role in education of children in all human health aspects including water, food, hygiene, and beyond.


SAPPROS and many local potters and ceramic groups contribute their knowledge and hard work
to make our mission possible.


IDE is a strong partner in Nepal, providing a variety of resources to
expand our program throughout the country.


UVTech Systems provided
the seed capital to begin Solutions
Benefiting Life, now Village